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Arguments for Resurrection – Part 13

Recap: How can I use this world for (eternal life) akhira? Does akhira really exist? How can I be convinced about it? People think that belief matters are solved when they induct themselves into a religion either by birth or by choice. Belief matters are linked to one’s comprehension of existence.

The Creator makes Himself known and loved through perfect, well-proportioned, and beautiful things, such as lovely flowers. He shows His Mercy through the attractive fruits therein. For those who deny Him their belief, worship, and respect, He has prepared an abode of punishment at the seat of His eternal Lordship.

From the purposes and benefits He has attached to everything, as well as the order and beauty of art He displays in all creatures, we may conclude that the wisdom behind His acts requires the rewarding of those who obey and seek refuge in Him. He places everything in its proper place, gives everything its due, and answers each supplication made by a member of His creation. And so we may deduce that He dispenses an absolute, true Justice that requires preserving the glory of His Kingdom and Lordship, and protecting the rights of His subjects in a supreme tribunal. Since this transient abode, a realm of trial for conscious beings where they can act freely, is too small for His Justice to manifest itself thoroughly, the All-Just, All-Wise One with absolute Beauty, Grace, and Glory must have at His disposal an eternal Paradise and permanent Hell.

Do we see signs of akhira?

We have to experience signs of news we receive from revelation here and make sense of it. What revelation says must be understandable and experiential here in the form of signs. Use your reasoning and consciousness to be aware that this universe is a sign pointing to Eternity. Because one’s human expectations are not fully satisfied here. This universe is just a demonstration place pointing to the Absolute Creator and Its promises for us.

We are always in connection with three pillars:

  1. Witnessing the universe.
  2. Witnessing our own human qualities.
  3. Synthesize #1 and #2 and conclude that the Creator of the universe and I have Absolute qualities. Hence, confirm the message we receive from the Creator of the universe through the messengers.

None of the pillars (as mentioned above) work alone. Neither confirming the news of revelation by itself suffices for belief matters. STOP imitating religious claims! Ask yourself the questions given under recap (see above).

How do I know an abode of reward or punishment exists?

The existence of the physical structure of matter and its constituent parts going all the way to the smallest particles and atoms need to be explained. Example: Is beauty coming from matter of the flower?

Question the sense of anything you experience. Example: I want beauty reflected in me to last forever.

  • Belief is consciousness and awareness; afterwards, actions can be based on this awareness.

When I reduce my life to nothing, then that is the source of my punishment. Deep down, I am absolutely sure that this world is transient and there is an Eternal life. But if I refuse to admit my human reality and consequently submit to nothingness then as human being who needs to see value in his existence I have to suffer meaninglessness . I need to use this world to get ready for an Eternal life (which can only happen if I am sure of it). I need to establish conviction about signs I see in creation pointing to an Eternal life.

  • Isn’t everything a sign to its Maker and pointing to its Absolute qualities?

Everything is created in order to make human beings acknowledge the Source. Purpose of creation is to teach you who is the One who created you and your qualities? In order to appreciate anything, I have to be sure within myself that it’s made by my Maker. Use human qualities as a means of acknowledging the Source of existence.

  • “Bismillah (in the name of God)” means acknowledge Him and His qualities in the existence of every being. That is, use everything in His name because it belongs to Him.
  • Stand in prayer with this consciousness: “I cannot exist by myself, you gave me existence”.
  1. Creator must have Absolute qualities.
  2. I want Eternity.
  3. If I want Eternity, I want these experiences to be Eternal and He has given the desire for it.
  • “Allahu al-Rahman”: You are the Generous One because there is no source of generosity in creation.
  • Nothing can escape the obeying of the order of the universe. Everything is subject to the order of the universe.
  • Who does the order belong to?

How does freewill work?

We are given options whether to deny or accept the truth. Do we choose to acknowledge the truth or turn back to it? Acknowledgment/Rejection needs evidence from the universe.

  • Freewill comes before my belief i.e. acknowledgment.
  • Freewill must be applied to utilize my consciousness.
  • When I experience my freewill, my consciousness must be aware of my own experience and freewill.
  • At a practical level, we make choices. But we need to question our choices i.e. why do I prefer this over that?

How do I know that I have freewill?

Wrong argument: We are just following the order as we are created.

Counter argument: I have freewill because I chose between options.

What stand should I have towards beauty? Will I attribute it towards accidents or conclude that it must be given existence?

Obeying God means questioning yourself whether you are choosing to attribute qualities you are experiencing to the things themselves or the Creator? Obeying God must have a conscious decision behind: “Yes, I am sure of it! I acknowledge that the universe must have an Absolute Creator. I admit it!” I put this consciousness into my words/actions. This action has a meaning, a means of expressing conscious conclusions.

  • Consciousness of the Creator/acknowledgment of the Creator is a MUST!
  • I ought to use my freewill without contradicting myself.

I am free to confirm what my consciousness says is right/wrong: “As soon as I confirm to the truth, I give no attention to falsehood.”

  • Satan represents falsehood; it has no power over you because falsehood has no evidence in creation to justify itself.

Why do I choose falsehood?

  • Because I am not paying attention to my existence, reality and freewill in this world.

Unfortunately, this human weakness of heedlessness has reduced humanity to actions only. Action without belief action develops into an addiction. The difference between conscious based action and action by itself is obeying the order without acknowledgment of the Source of its existence. The choice is ours. That is, choosing is left to human beings. Actions are to be performed for the sake of belief training.

In conclusion, do good deeds according to what you are created for. This transient existence must have an Eternal type of existence. We are experiencing samples of creation here to educate us. Creation is the result of the will of God.

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