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Arguments for Resurrection – Part 11

The Seedbed of Light, The Third Treatise

Arguments for the Resurrection (page 54 continuation)

“The Creator of the universe can transfer his subjects from this transitory mansion to the seat of His Permanent Sovereignty, and displays uncountable signs that this temporary ground will be exchanged for a perpetual one.”

Usually, when a galaxy dies do we get disturbed? No, but when the doctor tells us that we will die in a week, then we panic. That is, what will happen to me is the most important question in everyone’s mind. Resurrection is an important subject presented in scripture. But what makes you believe in resurrection? Do you get your evidence from the scripture or do you get your evidence from the signs in the universe? These are two different bases on which to establish belief.

Thus far, we have discussed that resurrection must happen through the way the universe is created and the way our human nature is made. But how can I be convinced that it will happen for sure for me?

First, we must establish the foundations within ourselves that this universe is transient and my being is subject to death every moment. However, I desire permanence, eternal youth, eternal happiness… Once I go deeper into questioning the Source of existence of these feelings, I should inevitably come to the conclusion that the Source of existence of these feelings has deliberately put me in such a dilemma. Because I cannot explain the production of these feelings by attributing it to particles or any other objects in this universe, I logically conclude that there must be a Source of existence (not of the nature of this universe) giving existence to everything that I observe here. This Source of existence is Absolute and what I refer to as the Creator of the universe.

Now, in order to be convinced that resurrection will happen for sure, I first observe the signs that are displayed in creation. I see my baby pictures and I wonder where did “baby me” disappeared. I observe the orange tree in front of my house and I wonder where the oranges disappeared. It seems that every moment the universe displays a renewal of things around us. These are nothing but signs for us (as the author mentions above) that death is just an end to experiencing this type of creation; hence there must be a renewal of my existence in another type of creation.

  • We have to see for evidences (signs) of another type of existence.

What is life?

  • Anything that is given existence has life. It is obvious not to deny this reality as it is obvious not to deny that everything in this universe is transient.
  • Life does not only consist of particles and matter. We practically experience life i.e. when someone dies the person is not alive for us anymore; it is a sign for us that there is life.

Change your language, change your life.

Language that we are accustomed with almost makes us believe in what we say and hear. We need to be watchful with how we analyze things. The Quran teaches us to always be aware that we are given consciousness and utilize it appropriate to our human nature. When a person realizes that s/he is made, then the language s/he uses should definitely change. Example: I am made with the ability to get attracted to beautiful things. Example: I am endowed with the power to see. Do not just bluntly say that I can see. Think about the meaning of what you are saying.

The Sciences that we study in our Secondary education and beyond is beautiful and much needed. But the language that is adopted in these disciplines almost negates the existence of the Absolute Source which is the Real Cause of bringing everything into existence. Example: Is the soil, water and sunlight producing the tree? NO! Question the existence of the qualities of all the elements. Does soil have qualities by itself to bring the tree into existence? What may seem apparent to us as cause producing the effect needs to be questioned. That is, the order of mixing water and soil to get result need to be questioned: What is the Cause of the process of the tree coming into existence? Mostly, language hides the true meaning of things.

The first revelation of the Quran was to change the language that people used to derive at conclusions. What is the Source of existence of energy or gas, for example? The Source of existence of this universe cannot be perceived within time-space. Unfortunately, we may read the Quran as a speech of someone from the universe rather than an Absolute Source. The Quran uses past tense to describe Paradise and Hell. It means that it is already in existence for me i.e. something that I can experience right now.

The Creator must give another type of existence is my logical conclusion. The Creator will give another type of creation is my conviction within myself. The point of our conclusions or belief is for us to be convinced within ourselves about the purpose of our being given existence. Is where I stand in my understanding of my existence humanly consistent with the Quranic teachings?

  • THIS CREATION IS NOT A JOKE! Our being given existence must have a purpose. Our past becomes our future. That is, whatever we sow here (how much we have used and developed our human capacities;) the tree (according to this improvement) will be created in another type of existence.

Since nothing can satisfy us here, we keep searching for Eternity. Eternity is not a number, even if someone tells you that they will make you 20 years younger for a billion years, you will still desire at the end of this a billion years of life to continue existing, that is your human feelings are created for Eternity. Hence, temporariness or a billion years of life does not satisfy human expectations.

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