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Chapter Mursalat – Part 2

Mursalat (Those Sent Forth), part 2

Recap: This was one of the earlier revelations of the Quran revealed around the 4th year of Prophethood in Mecca.  

77:3 “spreading the truth far and wide.”

We can think of geographical space and in terms of all human beings becoming aware of the message i.e., if one searches, they will become aware of it.  In the case of the revelations of the Quran, the message was spread widely among the people, not only the neighboring people but also faraway places according to the living conditions of that time (spreading the message from Medina to China at that time was unimaginable).  When people started becoming aware of such a message in those distant places, an unaccustomed message and at the same time a friendly message, the people welcomed the message with their hearts.  

No one straight away rejected it, they mostly took it under consideration, especially common people, but the arrogant ones who thought that they were the leaders of the society.  One way or another, the arrogant elites were benefitting from the ignorance of the common people and they did not want to lose their status and wanted to preserve their status quo, they resisted, but they were always powerful and were the minority in number.  As far as Islam is concerned, the status of a person is not important, rather a person as a human being is important.  

Every human being has the ability to represent the reality and the truth that they have in their spirit and heart.  In principle, it should not matter if a shepherd embraces the message or a king/emperor embraces it. However having a status is important to some.  In the eye of the Creator, receiving the message wholeheartedly by a person was the most important subject that the believers, the followers of this revelation took into consideration.  This was one of the most striking sides of the message.

This message spread all around, deep into the hearts and minds of people.  It was very easy for every person’s spirit to take the message and confirm it within their hearts and minds because there should be nothing contradicting their feelings.  Example: If you hear that “all human beings are free”, then all will agree with this statement.  However, due to the social structure and with the indoctrination of the mind, human feelings covered up and suffocated by one’s caprices may reject the truth outwardly, but they will feel it within themselves that it must be the truth.

77:4 “thus separating [right and wrong] with all clarity.”

What am I expecting from the message of the Creator to separate?  This message is separating truth from falsehood and right from wrong.  Every human being must be able to perceive the separation and confirm it because it must be appropriate to one’s feelings and observations from the universe (whatever we deduce from it).  As a result, we will be comfortable about the truthfulness of this message.  What is expected from the message is to make the separation between falsehood and truth, which is sometimes understood in an extreme way.  As if the message in the Quran is extreme, e.g., either kill people or keep them alive, but not in between.  In other words, if someone makes a mistake, punish them completely. We will explore in the next few paragraphs how these extreme polarities are necessary to make the case clear. Of course one has to be careful not to read the verses literally but in terms of how one’s attitude may differ from another. Based on that teaching, I will choose to take a particular attitude. As far as belief is concerned, either there is a Creator or every created thing in the universe must have the power to create itself.  

Human beings are the ones given the most powerful potentiality to think about things, make research, try to change the relationship between things, they have their reasoning to decide what to do and not to do.  If that is so, can one reason then that the inanimate things must have the power to give existence to themselves, which means that they must be able to create something to be self-sustaining?  Self-sustaining means that one does not need anything external to continue its existence but at the same time, must have all the means to give existence to something else in every manner of existing and form of existence.  This is impossible to accept and that is why the Quran uses extreme terms.  Example:  Describing Paradise in such a wonderful flawless way and describing Hell in a most horrible condition.  Everything is the source of torture for the people who do not submit to the truth.  Why don’t you (Quran) be flexible and somehow resilient according to the conditions of the people?  Why are there so many extreme points?

The language of the Quran is somehow troubling where people are either frightened or overjoyed by it, with a worldwide image of the Quranic message being very extreme. Example: If someone becomes a strong believer in the teachings of the Quran, then people who do not indentify themselves with Islam think that this person has no aim in his life other than killing the non-believers.  It means that his mind is occupied with this understanding and this image becomes a “terrorist” image i.e., a Muslim means a terrorist.  Young people embrace Islam, and their parents are obsessed with the propaganda promoted by the media.  Example: how can you get married with to a Muslim, he is your enemy?  The person who is interested in getting married to a Muslim person and may want to convert to Islam, gets resistance from his family who becomes furious.  The image of Islam is portrayed as so extreme that the media usually picks up the verses from the Quran that seem to be extreme and present it to the general public showcasing that what the Quran teaches is extreme.  Here is the rhetoric: “Muslims are innocent, but the Quran is full of violence.”

In the 1960’s the Vatican council decided to accept that the Muslims are peaceful people, and that they are saved.  Muslims rejoice to the fact that the Catholic council accepts Muslims as people of peace.  This is a trick, because they say: “Muslims are innocent people and they do not know Islam.  If they knew it, they would not affiliate themselves with this religion.  Most of the Muslims in the society are nice people but the Quran is full of violence and terror, “do you see how the Prophet is encouraged to call people to war and kill the enemy?”  Then the famous specific verses are presented out of their textual and historical context and mentioned to support their point.  Rather, the Prophetic message is not about killing people, he never killed any person unless they attacked in war conditions.

Unfortunately, the current historical descriptions about Islam and the Quran are horrible and distorted. In fact, the Quran says to kill the idea of denial and unbelief, so that people will be saved.  If you kill a person, when they physically attack in war conditions, then you will kill a man; and if you kill an idea of unbelief, then the unbelieving person will die because he will leave the unbelief and, as a result, a believer will emerge.  Hence, there are double results from this act.  If a person is physically harming you, then you must physically defend yourself.  However, if it is an ideology, then the Quran says: “let those who want to deny do as they wish and let those who want to believe do as they want.” (18: 29)

All the physical conditions described in the Quran are defence fighting war conditions.  We must understand the distinction between right and wrong in the Quran.  Being on the extreme side is very disturbing, including for the Muslims who read the Quran but do not really understand what it refers to.  When people read the translation, which is very common now (because people wonder what the message is all about and they respect it by reciting), they say that it is full of frightening descriptions of the punishment of God.  These descriptions are mentioned in the Quran and no one can deny that, but we need to understand what the reality of these descriptions are.

The pain of unbelief (kufr) is unbearable for the spirit.  However, everyone is enjoying their bodily life and receiving Mercy.  We are running away from our reality by keeping busy with work and other activities and if a calamity befalls, then we start panicking.  When you deny your reality or disobey God, nothing happens to you physically (like burning or imprisonment), but your feelings fall apart, and you are completely disappointed, spiritually in pain because none of your feelings will be satisfied with the end-result of complete annihilation.  The fact that you cannot control anything in this world is frightening and disappointing for any human being who takes his life seriously and thinks about his future. 

  • The Quranic descriptions are fully applied in our real-time life here.  
  • If someone does not have a point of support, then they live in despair deep down and they cannot trust their genuine expectations which they feel in their heart and feelings.
  • If someone does have a point of support, then he is full of joy and comfortable in his existence and lives in full pleasure and nothing frightens him.  

Can this universe be the result of unconscious natural events where we all go into annihilation?  If one thinks such, then they do not make any plans because there is no guarantee of the future here.  The order of the universe does not guarantee a person’s future.  This feeling of going into annihilation completely crushes down all human feelings.  That is why the Quranic description of Hell must be understood within the conditions of this world firstly, what is happening to my human feelings? Thus in the next type of creation, the spirit will have a body which bears the pain of not having any point of support for his existence and hopes.  As a result, all your feelings fall into despair and this body that will be given to you in the next/new creation, according to the conditions that the spirit is ready to receive now as a consequence of your choice in this world, and education in this world.  You will be given a body which will enable you to live and experience the results of your choices in bodily form as well.  That is the description of life in Hell.  

On the other hand, if someone submits his existence to an Absolute Being who is the Creator of these feelings and who can fulfill the expectations of these feelings and the person chooses to put his trust in that Creator: “I belong to Him, I will turn to Him and I will return to Him by His choice (no one wants to die but the choice of death is not in our hands).”  If someone commits suicide, he applies the conditions of the order established by God, asking God to give death.  No one can give death to anything freely without obeying the order of God.  Whoever obeys the order obeys the Creator of the universe (COU) who creates the result, whether to choose life or not.  Again, we are always subject to the order of the universe even while choosing.  

We must always remember that we cannot give life to ourselves and give an end to our lives with our free will, rather we ask the Order-Giver of the universe to create the result for us.  He says, whoever obeys the order, I will create the result and it is my choice and I will return you back to Me.  You do not know how to sustain your life right now under your control, you think that your life is under your control and you can choose to either live or give an end to it.  The people who accept the ownership of their existence and expectations as to be given to them by an Absolute Being and these expectations will be fulfilled by the will of the Absolute being, these people will be given bodies in the hereafter according to their understanding of their existence and what they educated their feelings with, so that their feelings will be given the tools/body to operate through and enjoy the physical appearance of this form of understanding.  This choice leaves everything to the Absolute Being so that the spirit will experience the joy of the creation and manifestations of the Absolute Being, to keep His promise which He has already given to human spirits, it is there.  And that is how the bodily enjoyment in the new creation must be realized.  That is why the news of Paradise is described with full exuberant joy that they will be given tools in the new form of creation to entertain the results of their education here.

Example: The learning of the student only happens while his enrollment in school is active. At the end of the graduation i.e., his death from the school of the universe, the learning stops. Although for others, the school goes on.  My enrollment period in the school of the universe ends when I die.  At the end of the graduation, what I have in my mind, heart, my being, my ability stays with me in my human side, which is my spirit.  In other words, I am able to practice what I have learned here (before I did not know about it), that is a new creation for me.  Let us say that I am learning sports in school and I learnt how to play tennis in the best way.  After graduation, my body practices what it learns.  This is a simple example we see in this creation. In the course of time, after the graduation from the education system, we see the change in our being according to the level of education we learned at school.  That is, post-graduation, we become an expert tennis coach and we can practice it physically and intellectually as far as the talent is concerned.  That is why after our body dies we need to be created in another bodily existence so that we will put our developed human capacity. In the new form of creation we will be able to practice it through the new body which is adjusted to the capacity of my human qualities developed here in the school of this world.

Now, the Quran says, that when the last moment comes, your repentance is not accepted.  Why?  It is so simple, when the teacher teaches and the student does not listen, then the opportunity to learn is gone, even though the teacher had given out several opportunities to the student to learn throughout the enrollment at school.  At the graduation ceremony, the student runs to the teacher to beg for another chance, but it is too late for the administration has already decided who does not get the degree.  That is a very just human treatment, whether you are a believer or not, this is a just way of treating a person.  If one does not repent and ask for forgiveness NOW for their shortcomings and negligence, they are treated as they are with no learning.  God says: “Don’t come to me on the last day, come to me before and take the necessary action so that I will give you a passing degree”.  Hence, we should not wait until the last moment, for the door to repentance is always open while we are here.

The Quran describes a very real human reality in extreme polarizations.  Again, that is why the Quranic language is either exuberant or joyful describing the believer’s life in Paradise or frightening descriptions of life in Hell.  These are two extreme poles to let the people get the criterium and separate right and wrong with all clarity.  They are not parallel or on top of each other, rather they are in opposite directions, which way are you going to takeWhen we say yyaka naabudu waiyyaka nastaeem, we mean to say: “Please God, we worship You and acknowledge You as our Owner and we know that all sorts of help come from You.  If you did not favor us with your Mercy, we would have nothing at all and we could not create anything”.  Whatever we get here, it is a Mercy from the Creator of the universe.  Additionally, we want guidance for embarking on the right direction.  When we say ihdina’s-s sirata’l-mustaqeem, we are meant to say: “Guide us to the straight path, the path which goes to Paradise, an eternal happy life”.  Please note that the Quran does not say to reach the end, rather it says to ask to be placed on the right path, which goes to belief in the Absoluteness of God, perfect life in Paradise, which is possible by the will of the Creator, who is Powerful enough to create  whatever He wills with no difficulty.  “Put me on this path” is the most encouraging news for myself.

We always find ourselves falling short of our expectations.  That is, I keep forgetting, deviating, and falling into making lots of mistakes, forgetting about my reality and being negligent of the truth, which covers up all parts of my life.  Sometimes, some lights of the truth are imparted, and we say Alhamdulillah (thank God).  Otherwise, we are full of forgetfulness. Most of the time, we are overcome by our ambitions, anger, and that is our reality, but we should always check ourselves: “Am I on the wrong track, the track of denial that there is no God, that is why I am doing all this?”  Why don’t I act perfectly?  I am trying to be on the way.  That is how we must benefit from the extreme descriptions of right and wrong in the Quran.  We mostly hear that the Quran makes the distinction between right and wrong (furqaan), this understanding in its essence is right but not enough for me to be certain because I need to constantly work on myself.  As far as the reality of our senses are concerned, our senses make the difference between right and wrong according to the criterium we take for ourselves.  Now, this clear-cut distinction penetrates our feelings so clearly that we have no doubt about it.  Example: We know that there are 3 main venues for us to confirm right and wrong.  1. The universe is a witness, 2. The human senses are a witness and 3. Revelation, or the news that the Prophet brings to us, which helps us confirm that this is the real revealed truth/guidance from the Creator of the universe (COU).  This COU is also my Creator because I am integrated in this universe and I cannot separate myself from the rest of the universe.  My physical and sensual connection with the universe is so meshed in and integrated with each other.  Our Creator is speaking in this message and if the message does not fit to the conditions that I am in and get from the universe and myself, then I cannot accept this message.  This message after being proven by me, can be accepted as the Speech of my Creator or as revelation.

These 3 venues are conveying the same message in different forms, 1. Physical form in the universe, 2. Emotional sensual form within my being, 3. Intellectual understanding of the truth in the Revelation.  These 3 venues are presented to us in this creation, and we can go into our feelings and see the evidence which shows the right and wrong clearly.  Example: When we study this universe, is there any single atom which acts independently from obeying the order of the universe?  Can anyone show it?  If yes, then everything collapses because there is an ambiguity in creation.  The message says that you cannot find such.  Is there anything in the universe which does not need to be given existence?  Is there anything self-existing here?  Look at yourself, things around you, are they self-existing?  No.  It means that everything is created and bound by the order of the universe.  Everything exists within the order of the universe and the order of the universe controls and enslaves everything to obey itself.  But where does the order and the existence of everything within the order which are obeying this order come from?  This is so obvious, as the Quran says a thing can only be either created or the Creator.  Is there any Creator in the universe?  How many times is this repeated in the Quran: “Is there any Creator in the world, other than the One who has given existence to the whole universe?”  (E.g. 27:  60-64 and 7: 191; 16: 20; 25: 3)

Is there anything here which has the power to create the whole universe?  We just use the parts of the universe which already exist within the order of the universe and we think that we gave it a new shape by obeying the order of the universe, which is allowed by the order of the universe.  It means that we must explain the Source of Existence (SOE) of the order of the universe.  Everything is subject to the order, but the order is not subject to anything within the universe.  The order seems not to be dependent on the existence of anything, but it is well-arranged by what?  The order is dominant over the whole universe.  Example: A machine is well arranged, who makes the whole machine then? Similarly, who makes the order of the universe?

Through the witnessing of the universe, we understand that there is a right/wrong criterion i.e., either there must be a Creator, or the universe happens to be in existence like this.  There is no gray area to this obvious conclusion.  How about our feelings:  Do I have any feelings which say that I exist by myself?  Do I have any cell/organ in my body which says that I exist by myself?  Everything says that I am made in this way.  The problem is that no one in the world claims that the cell/organ is made by itself. We need to ask the question: If so, who is the Maker of these?  People are free to interpret it anyway they like, and interpretation is an intellectual activity.  Observation is an intellectual activity which is physically presented in front of our feelings and senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch).

Interpretation is an intellectual activity and intellectual activity must be supported with evidence.  Some may say “nature”.  We all need evidence for the existence of “nature” within the universe.  People claim that nature is the SOE of the form of my heart to function in the way it does.  Is there any matter which will know how to form a heart, or give existence to an organ or cell? Can we also attribute these perfect organs to “accidents”? No.  We found these on us.  Did we find these as the result of the productive action of “nature” (whatever it is) itself or the One who established and gave existence to the universe within a perfect order?  The One who creates the form of the heart within the order of the universe, it is His will.  According to His will, He gives the form of my heart unique to me and puts my life in an order as long as I am given existence.

If I say that the SOE is within the universe, then I must see the signs within the universe.  These are tricks with the words that scientism plays with: “As the universe is given existence within a perfect form, it is given existence by itself and I do not see God.”  Of course, that is how it is, God is the Creator of the universe, how can you see the Creator within the created things?  If you want to see God, then this God/object you are looking to see must be within the universe and hence, a created thing.  Again, anything of this universe needs to be given existence and so God/object cannot be a created being/thing.  This is consistent to human understanding.

Comment: What exactly are we learning here?

We are learning how to study the Quran here and understand the way of reading the message of the Quran.

Comment:  Anyone can read the Quran, even a tape recorder can read it beautifully, but not everyone can understand the meaning. That is why classes such as this are precious and rare.

Comment:  The elements within the order of the universe can be mistaken as if they were acting on their own and most people will not say that the order is coming from the things themselves, but they will attribute the order to accidental happenings.  The question is what am I attributing the order to?  At least, some people will attribute it to “nature” to avoid attributing it to a Creator, because they will think that the concept of the Creator will put them in trouble.  There is no problem in attributing the order to something else, as long as we define what this “something else” is.  If we attribute the order to the qualities of something, an Omni-present and Powerful being, then there is no problem here.  The problem arises when we are not qualifying this “something else” and leaving it abstract.  Example: God created everything.  Without going into the deeper understanding of what we mean by God, it becomes difficult to understand the concept and make it personal to us, i.e., how do I see my relationship as a created being?  In summary, if we do not qualify who the Creator is, you can call it “nature” or “God”, then it becomes an abstract concept which we cannot relate to.

Whatever term you use for the Cause of existence of something, proves what? 

  1. Whatever we look at or interact with needs to be given existence. 
    2. Existence must be attributed to something and this something must be qualified.  

However, we must bear in mind that if I am using this qualification within the universe, then I must be able to see the evidence of it within the universe.  Example: The cell of my heart functions in a perfectly unbelievable way.  It pumps automatically like an electrical power that comes.  They say that the muscles of the heart function as such, just like when you combine the wires of a machine and put power on, it works.  This is so obvious, and everyone sees that the heart functions in this way.  How do I explain the existence of the “electric power” and the combination of the cells and the way  that these cells function in harmony with the rest of the human body?  The problem is how am I talking about the SOE of anything either within the conditions of the universe or not within the conditions of the universe? Just the mere description of the observation does not connect me with the SOE. If I claim that the nature of the universe itself is producing itself and therefore it develops by itself and similarly, the muscle of the heart produces by itself, this programming quality must be somehow perceivable within the matter itself.  The SOE of the cells/muscles of my heart cannot be of anything of this universe, because they are all in need to be given existence and given qualities by something else.  

As a human being, when I think of myself, I say: “Can I be the SOE of my power of sight and eyes?”  A dead person has eyes, but they cannot see.  The power of sight does not have a material existence, but an eye has life.  What is life?  No one knows what the essence of life is, but we see how it functions because if something is not matter, then I cannot perceive it and I can only interpret its qualities.  The intellectual experience is an interpretation.  Right now, I am interpreting the Cause of existence of my heart as the One who must be the SOE of the universe, not of the nature of the universe.  Here, my interpretation went out of the universe and the Necessarily Existent Being who is not of the nature of this universe must be the SOE of the universe (by definition).  Such a Being must exist, and I cannot describe it because I can describe things only within the conditions of this universe.  That is my capacity, what I am and what I am responsible for, to decide and act accordingly.  Now, look at your feelings, how do they feel?  The feelings say: “I need endless existence with perfect satisfaction and happiness.  I want to be happy forever.”  Can anything of the universe make sure that you can attain eternal happiness?  No, things here come and go, as soon as I like and experience something, immediately it disappears.  This is a clear distinction between right and wrong, things that disappear cannot be the SOE of my pleasure.  The things are employed and taken away immediately, why?  Otherwise, I will think that the thing is giving me the pleasure of happiness.  Rather, creation is taking place in such a way that it does not give any possibility that the thing that I am experiencing and enjoying can be the Source of my enjoyment by its apparent disappearance from creation.  That is called “time”, coming into existence, and taken away from existence.  All the moments are constantly like this.  It means that the things which constantly disappear from existence go into the past.  Yesterday is gone and we cannot catch it again.  It does not exist anymore, and a new day is in front of me now.  This makes the distinction so clear cut that the things cannot be the SOE of anything because they disappear immediately.  

  • Yesterday went by, minute by minute.  This means that my previous existence cannot sustain my present existence because it disappears as if something mysterious is going on in this universe.  

I cannot deny the reality that something with absolute knowledge and wisdom, not of the nature of this universe is consciously and deliberately operating on this universe.  That is why, if a person interprets the Cause of existence of this universe as something Absolute, not of the nature of this universe (lailaha), then he can progress further in his interpretation. Thus, following that interpretation, there must be a One who exists for my understanding and explanation of existence which is called in the language of all religious tradition as “God or Allah” (illallah).  

  • God means that you cannot think of it in terms of this universe but every single being points to its existence.  
  • That is the description we learn from the religious scriptures and the universe witnesses to it and now we come to our feelings: “How do my feelings feel about this?”

77:5 “and then giving forth a reminder”

Just like throwing something or presenting something continuously i.e., putting the things forward in the form of a reminder and continuously inspiring into the feelings of people and into the real aspect of the universe.  That is, this message is continuously delivered in the universe in my feelings as a reminder.  Whatever we see manifested in front of us again and again in the universe is a reminder to our reality.  

God never says that the message is a completely new thing to human beings, rather it is a reminder.  It means that something already exists here either in human qualities (feelings, intelligence, mind, etc.) or, in the beings out there in front of our eyes.  When you look at the universe, you see matter, but when you get closer to it and study it, you say that lots of interesting things are going on.  Example: I am tired, going to sleep and wake up.  What is sleep?  What is waking up?  What do you mean by resting?  What is resting?  We just call it by names, and we do not know their reality.  That is how we are created, it is within us, but these feelings are dormant within us.  The Quran comes like the seed which is created with the potentiality to become a plant, tree, or flower.  When you put water, it cracks, and shoots start to come out.  What does it mean?  As if awakening what is inside it.  Revelation always likens itself to rain coming from the sky, signifying that which is not within the nature of  the universe.  Rain comes from within the universe and as it comes, every seed starts flourishing and remembering what it has in its potentialities and the dormant qualities are awakened.  

  • Revelation and Speech/Guidance of God is also like this.  It comes from the Creator, reaches our heart, and revives what is potentially dormant within our feelings, consciousness and it awakens it.  That is why the name of the Quran is “zikr” (remembrance, reminder.)  

Most of the descriptions of the Quran is based on zikr, tazkirah, muzakkir, zikrah.  As a reminder, it is always like water coming to the seed to awaken it.  It exactly comes to our being and awakens our human potentiality, and we remember what is in us. It awakens me from being dormant and not acting according to my human potentiality.

The original word “dormant” means sleeping.  Why do I stay dormant and not wake up to come to my senses?  The Quran awakens the human feelings and I reopen myself, re-discover myself and say that this is true.  “I need an Absolute Being to put my trust in.  I cannot trust the universe because it is transient.  I do not like transience and the message says that “you do not like transience,” (la uhibbul aafileen.)  Whatever is transient, I do not like it because it cannot act on its own and it is the slave of the order of the universe and the order is representing the will/choice and manifestation of the Power and Knowledge of the Absolute Being.  This Absolute Being is what I need to put my trust in, and I say: “I belong to Him, He gave me existence and is monitoring my existence and I am just utilizing the opportunities that He gives me, and He will decide when I graduate from this school of the universe.  That is a perfectly fitting idea that my feelings confirm without any hesitation.  I am fully satisfied with His existence as the universe does not satisfy me for I cannot put my trust in the universe because it does not have any power, will and knowledge.  Nothing has any choice to create in its existence.

77:6 “ending excuses and giving warnings.”   

The case is so clearly presented to me under the witnessing of the universe, myself, and the spoken text (revelations), demonstrating to me how to think/conclude, and the true face of creation, the universe and myself.  I would not have an excuse to say “I did not know, and I did not see any witness and evidence out there.”  That is why, revelation must distinguish the difference between right and wrong on the opposite poles.  The Quran does not speak in between, it speaks as either true or false.  As a result, no one can say that I did not understand. Laialah illallah is so clear with no exception.  Nothing here has the will and power to give existence to anything, there is only One who is the SOE of this universe and all the qualities belong to Him.  All the qualities of this being must be Absolute as well.  Look at the universe, all the qualities in each thing are present at every moment in everything.  No way to confuse and no excuse is possible after you receive this reminder.

All human beings who have consciousness and know right from wrong that everything is demonstrating to  the perception of the people so clearly, then why would you still reject this perfect criterion?

  • If the truth is out there, then why are warnings given?  

Let’s say you are warned about something, but you did not take notice of it: “You are enjoying this, but you will lose everything tomorrow”, what happens?  You start panicking and you do not like this warning if he comes to you and you tell him to go away or else you will get rid of him.  

The Quran’s warning is different, it says: “if you take the wrong attitude, you will be punishing yourself and you will deserve the punishment within yourself, i.e., you will torture yourself and you will deprive yourself from all sorts of pleasure that you like and look forward to.”  You know that the things are leaving you and you will be left with nothing and rot at the end, become compost and you will not be aware of your existence.  That is the feeling of denial, this is a feeling that you are suffering now, not after you die.  You know within yourself that you are torturing yourself if you did not study in the class, learn anything, and accept the teachings of the Professor, you will go on with no knowledge on the subject and become like a homeless person.  You cannot say that the school punished you, rather you punished yourself by not paying attention to your responsibility.  At the end of each class, the Professor told you that you are getting no degree and you will not experience anything if you do not pay attention to my teaching.  Hell is a place where God’s Mercy does not exercise, it is a lack of God’s Compassion which is rejected by the person.

  • By warnings, we are told that we will be punished if we go against our reality.  

Think about it: What can give you pleasure from itself?  Things are created in this way, that is why you can enjoy it, and as soon as you enjoy it, it disappears, and you keep asking for another enjoyment.  Then, it disappears again.  The enjoyment is presented to you constantly so that you will understand that the source cannot be the object that you are interacting with.  


  • The source of pleasure is the One who is employing these tools for you, not the things themselves.
  • This news gives us warning so that I feel the reality within myself.


The warning reminds me that I will be punished by the attitude and interpretation that I came up with i.e., the source of torture is myself.  That is why the Quran says that your skin, arms, and hands will witness against you.

77:11 “What you are promised will surely happen.”

The messengers will stand by the door of Hell letting you know: “Sorry friend, didn’t I tell you that you will torture yourself by interpreting the matter as the SOE? Now ask the matter to come to you to help you.  That was your choice, and now you will have no help from the matter.”  On one side, my own choice will witness and on the other side, the messenger will witness and so will my spirit witness: “Did I not remind you with the feelings that I presented to your consciousness?”  

This is a consistent message from the Quran, that it tries to awaken me by giving the examples reminding me of what is right and wrong, that I will not have any excuse of escaping the results of my choices here and that Hell is a place of torture which is a result of my own choice.  Accordingly, we will be given a body that will exercise and feel itself in its creation, either rejoicing or burning within our existence, why did I make this mistake?  Continuously complaining and feeling the pain of dissatisfaction of what your expectations were because the things that you associated your hope to will have no power and will not come to your aid.  That is the reality of Hell. See, for example: (and their refuge is Hell as recompense for what they had been earning. 9: 95.)

The Quran does not say that an extra punishment will come, rather you get what you experience here.  Also, the good deeds are multiplied by the Mercy of the Creator and the bad deeds/wrong choices will be rewarded/compensated equal to itself.  That is, if you choose ignorance then you graduate from the universe as an ignorant man, no more no less.  On the other hand, if you choose to pay attention to your existence and acknowledge the Order-er of the universe, then you graduate as a trained human being.  You will be within yourself experiencing what your reality is in bodily form.  That is the news from the revelation.

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