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Bon Voyage!

Fear of death comes from love of this universe.
Thinking that I will lose the world when I die.
Is this life even mine to begin with?
I claim ownership over wealth, capital that has been bestowed to me which I cannot really explain how?

What am I fearing about death then?
A complete disappearance, annihilation from experiencing a delightful existence?
Loosing loved ones?
Is anything mine to begin with?
Can I claim ownership over loving relationships?

What can I really claim here?
I find myself existing by a Conscious will.
Hence, to that Conscious will do we all belong, come from and must return.
Is there any other way that you can think of?

What is the cause of death?
An accident, an illness or a murder.
O I should have been more careful with my life!
What gives existence to the act of death that we witness?
Isn’t a withered flower a sign of death?
The way death is depicted in general makes it sound like a scary phenomenon.
Aren’t we all dying with each exhalation of air?
For why would the One that makes us experience existence give us death?
Why give life in the first place if You are going to take it away?

What do I do while I am given existence here with each inhalation of air now?
Communicate and connect with that Conscious will that gives existence Here and Now.
Convince myself that the desire for eternal existence must be met.
And get ready to depart from here to where I come from?
From the womb of a mother to the womb of the universe, we must land to a desired Permanent abode.

What will that second creation be like?
An existence not previously realized but sought for Here and Now.
A place of no labor but directly experiencing the manifested qualities of that Conscious will, like a new born infant.
So is departure from this universe something to look forward to?
Depends on how we utilize our freewill to train our consciousness, an understanding of this reality.

How conscious am I of my reality while dying every night and departing for sleep?
Don’t we all get excited while setting out for a vacation?!



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