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Arguments for Messengership – Part 53

The Reasonings (page 145-147)

“O brothers and sisters! The three points which some put forward to object to some Qur’anic statements are in fact miraculous aspects of the Qur’an and its styles. It is particular only to the Qur’an that it is able to address all levels of understanding and satisfy them at all times without the least contradiction or falsification.

I swear by Him Who has imparted the miraculous Qur’an that the sight of the warner and the insight of the most careful one of humankind, upon him be peace and blessings, are absolutely exalted above being deceived or confusing the truth with falsehood or the reality with illusion; his way is pure and high above deceiving or leading to falsehood.”

The Warner= Messenger is under the guidance of the Quran because Muhammad did not have his own idea.  As a teacher, he has attained his way of understanding the meaning of his existence.  But the Quran (textbook) and the Warner’s practices are not the same thing. The message of the Qur’an is always universal. Whereas, the practices of the messenger represent this universal message as examples within the conditions of his time and space.

The difference between “Hadith” and “Sunnah.”

The practices of the messenger are narrated by his followers and they are compiled in the books. These collections are called “hadith narrations.” The universal messages of these hadith narrations are called “Sunnah.” When these narrations are taken out of their historical conditions and applied to the conditions of the time and space of the following generations, then, the universal aspect of these practices need to be taken into consideration.

Analogy: Science classes are complemented with workshops where the teaching assistants help make the subject clearer and more understandable.  There may be some TA’s that help explain things better than the other.  Similarly, the messenger was the most besought teacher due to his making the subject comprehensible for others.

“The Fifth Way This is the way of the extraordinary states and experiences of God’s Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, and his miracles. The books of his biography and history are full of such occurrences. Renowned scholars have included them in their books and explained them. Therefore, in order to avoid re-teaching what is already known, I will not go into detail about them here.


Not every one of these miracles has been narrated through reliable channels, but since there are many examples and varieties narrated through one, or more than one, reliable channel, all of them can be regarded as authentic.”

The point here is not about the authenticity of a miracle, rather, the point here is that the Prophet performed the miracle.

Comment: Isn’t evidence being questioned here?

Yes, not all evidence is authentic, but the point here is that the miracle was performed although it may not be exactly as it is narrated. We come to this conclusion because the narrations are too many and they all narrate that the miracle of any sort has occurred. A particular narration may not be reliable but taking all the miracle narrations into consideration we can easily concluded that the messenger has been given miracles. The fact is that there is no narration stating that the messenger has not been given miracles. On the contrary, the contemporaries of the messenger narrated almost 1000 miracle occurrences.

Comment: What are the criteria for determining a weak vs a strong narration?

That is left to the experts.  Example: you have heard of Madagascar, but do you doubt about its existence even if you haven’t been there?  No.

Comment: I have looked up Madagascar on the web.  But that does not make its existence sure for me.

How can you not be sure of something if you do not use tools to obtaining information about it?  If something is there, then it exists.  Even historians do not deny the miracles, but their interpretations are according to their perceptions and capacities.  Anything from the past must be based on narrations. Example: how would I know that you were at location A yesterday?  You will tell be about its details.  That narrating the details may be weak or strong.

Miracles is not the only venue to proof the Messengership of Muhammad.  As we discussed, there are other venues to prove the necessity of Messengership for human beings.  However, the fact of the matter is that the miracle happened and even people opposing the Prophets admitted to it, but they did not call them miracles, they called them “magic,” or “the effect of the jinn.”

Comment: A narration being weak or strong also depends on the reader.  For example, let’s say a blizzard happened 10 years ago.  Children born after that will only know about it based on what others tell them.  That may be a weak narration for them as opposed to some adult who was around that time of the blizzard.

  • Bottom line, such things/miracles happened.

“One kind of such extraordinary experiences is seen in the events observed before and during the birth of the Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, and before his declaration of Prophethood. It is as if that era had been blessed and favored with extraordinariness due to the noble Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, and his advent was felt beforehand, and news of it was given through some extraordinary events.”

If we are talking about the personality of the Prophet, we must go to history. However, about the content of the teachings of the Quran and the universal aspect of his practices that we have to look at the conditions now.

“Another kind is the correct information the Messenger gave about certain past events, and his numerous predictions concerning the near and distant future. It is as if his liberated spirit had escaped the restrictions of time and space, flying beyond the limits of the past and the future, seeing all time and space and giving us information about what had already happened and what will happen.”

Messenger means that he was taught, not that it was within his own capacity which was expansive or extraordinary.  It does not mean that he was a very intelligent man who knew all what is told in the Qur’an.  Bottom line, he was taught by the One who created the universe, so he is your type as well.

“Another kind is the  extraordinary wonders he worked in times of need, like a small amount of food being enough to satisfy many people, a miraculous increase in water, much like the above-mentioned increase in food, healing the sick and wounded with his breath, making some faces peerlessly beautiful and bright with a touch of his hand, and so on. There are hundreds of examples of this kind.”

These are all narrations and there is nothing to be discussed here as far as ideas.

“Another kind is the flowing of water from his blessed fingers. The abundant flowing of water—the basic component of life—from the fingers of his blessed hand, which was a source of generosity, brings to mind the effulgent flow from his tongue of the water of guidance, which brings life to spirits.”

This is just an analogy.  Let’s say that there were some of us that were somewhere, and we did not have water.  One person had water and he poured in his hand so everyone can share in.  If this was false, then there maybe someone/narrator letting others know that this did not happen.  Why did they keep believing in Him as the Messenger if these narrations were altogether fabricated?

Not only because of the Message he brought made sense.  More so, the first followers of the message believed because they witnessed miracles.  Some extol the man himself when talking about the miracles, rather than paying attention to the message.  The purpose of the miracles is to attract the person so people may pay attention and get confidence in what the person says.

  • Let me take this person seriously, rather than belief in him straight away.

Bottom line, the message is what is important.  Otherwise, how would the contemporaries know because they have not studied the message of the Quran yet?  How many of them studied the Quran at that time?  Almost none.  Because they did not have the whole corpus of the Quran, only some sentences here and there compiled in twenty-three years on leaves and leathers or by memorization.  Also, there was no common trend to study the text back then with a few exceptions.  After the Prophet trained/educated some people around him, then they started sitting, studying and learning with/from them that they should study the text.  There were no educational institutions at that time in the place where the messenger appeared. You just learn from the streets.

Let us say that you are next to the Prophet and you have seen him perform the miracle of water running like string.  Will you believe in the hereafter?  Will you believe in God? In Angels?  No, it does not make you believe, but it is definitely an incentive.  That is why talking about miracles seriously shouldn’t make us go into the details of the miracles as that is not the point especially for us now. The entire Qur’an is available now and the education institutions are everywhere, and we can study the text of the Qur’an and see the message and come to a conclusion whether it makes sense to us or not. We do not really need now to approve or disapprove the miracle narrations any more. We are not supposed to believe in the message of the Qur’an because the messenger has performed many miracles. Those miracles were necessary for the first-time hearers of his announcement as to be the messenger of God. Without knowing the content of the message why should they take the messenger seriously? But the miracles of the messenger were so widespread that the people were attracted to pay attention to what message he is inviting them.

Also, we should be aware that this person was approved by the Creator of the universe by changing His order to demonstrate that he is somehow employed by the One who created the universe and so only He can operate on the order and change it.  No one else can change the order of the universe.  Can you make one handful of water into gallons?  No.

Some take the miracles as a kind of zealous: “This man was great!” So what?

Comment: Is there any utility in knowing the miracle narrations in terms of extracting any principles, universal underlying themes useful for me?

You do not have to know any specific narration or believe in anything.  We are receiving lots of information about miracles.  What does perform miracles mean?  It means that it is confirmed by the Creator.  But it does not make you believe any fundamental belief system that he introduced to us.  Believing in miracles is not necessary.  Example: He was a Prophet and it suited his message which seems consistent, but this man could not have performed miracles.  This implies that God cannot will to change the order.  That is problematic.  Universality of this matter lies in that God has employed this person and people around him so that people may take him as a serious man.  Otherwise, no one can make you believe in what the message brings to you.  These are our stages of reasoning:

  1. Why is Prophethood necessary? In this case we do not have pay attention to the miracle narrations; we need to answer this question on a universal level, e. g. the meaning of existence, the purpose of human life etc.
  2. How about this particular person Muhammad? We have to rely on historical narrations.  We have to see how people around him narrated his lifestyle.  You do not believe in Muhammad as the Messenger of God because of the miracles are formed.

The point here is that I believe in the Prophet Muhamad being the messenger of God not because there are some narrations narrating the miracles he performed, not necessarily.  At the same time, there are so many other channels proving his Messengership.  Some miracles involved lots of other people.  Miracles were performed sometimes when it is needed.

  • What I need to do is take the claim of this person as a SERIOUS MATTER.

Comment: What do I make out of the miracles that I hear?

Nothing much.  You hear it and you say this person performed a miracle. This is a sign that this person was approved by his contemporaries as a messenger employed by the Creator of the order of the universe.

Comment: Do I associate it with his personality?

Yes, miracles are performed through his personality in order to teach people that this person is under the guidance of the Creator of the universe.  That is the only aspect that makes him important as being given miracles to perform.

Comment: Are miracles only reserved for the Prophets?

If you look at the universe, everything is a miracle, and everyone receives the blessings of God.  Again, miracles are specific to the Prophets to demonstrate that their claim for Prophethood is true and valid.  Miracles is performed to demonstrate that the claim to be a Prophet is also physically demonstrated to people around him.  However, since the Quran is in our hand, we need to concentrate on its message and benefit from it.  At the same time, know that this person who claims to be the Messenger of God has some sort of physical confirmation from the Creator for his contemporaries that he is under the surveillance of the Creator of the universe because he is employed by him.

Comment: If you think about it, everything is a miracle.

Yes, drinking a glass of water for example.  However, a person who claims to be employed by the Creator of the universe, he needs something different.

Comment: How much of the miracles are mentioned in the Quran?

There are not that many and therefore we should be more concerned about the belief aspect of the message.  What do the miracles have to do with the purpose of my existence?  Example: Prophet Solomon flew in the air.  I must find out if this phenomenon is possible.  Does this give any virtue to your existence?

But this narration in the Qur’an can be utilized by us now that it is within the order of the universe that there is a way to fly in the air and we should try to discover it. This narration in the Qur’an took place more then 1400 years ago when people had no clue of the possibility of this phenomenon. Here we are, now it is possible to fly in the air. We understand now that this narration is an incitement for us that we should investigate within the order of the universe to find out this secret in the order and utilize it for us now.

“Another kind is trees, rocks, and animals speaking to him. It is as if the reviving quality of the guidance he brought had an effect on all things, animate or inanimate, and made them speak.”

Two understandings: 1/ why are these kinds of miracles narrated to have happened?  2/ With the message he brought to us we realize that things are speaking to me and declaring what the Quranic message is. Things are in their existence speaking to me.  As a miracle, things make the voice, e.g. in the form of human speech.  Example: animals speak to you through the way they exist, though not in human voice; don’t you think so? Do we now need animals speak to us in human voice, or we need to study the way they are created and get the message in their existence and realize that their being out there is a speech of their Creator calling us to acknowledge Him as their Creator?

The One who creates the plant speak to you and can also speak to you through human language.  For the Prophet to convince people around him that what he claims to be true i.e. being the Messenger of God and what the message is.  This is hard to digest: “This is the text I have received” rather than this is what I understand.  Wisdom of the Creator, that people need some physical evidence to take notice of that person.  Example: Noah was taught by God to make the ark.  I do not need Noah’s example to make the ark now because we are making sophisticated sub-marines.  So, I do not need Noah’s examples of the ark as far as I am concerned now. What I need now is that I have to take this narration of Noah’s ark as an invitation for me to save myself from the flood of my time: The values of the civilization surrounding me now which drowns me into the slavery and subjugate me to their false, artificial values. In fact, this is the universal message in the narration of the Qur’an which is valid for every generation: To watch out for the values presented to you in your own civilization whether they are like flood which drowns your human side or not.

When you end up venerating people, there is no message really.  Similarly, in my own being I know that if I am kind to people, I am happy. Being kind to people and the other creatures for a messenger is not a sign for his Messengership. Hence, pay attention to the message, rather than the personality of the person

“Another is the splitting of the moon by a gesture of his index finger. It is as if by splitting into two halves, the moon, which is in effect the heart of the sky, desired to have a connection with the Messenger’s blessed heart and split its own heart in ardent response to the gesture of his blessed finger.


The splitting of the moon has been related through reliable channels of transmission and is mentioned in a Qur’anic verse as “The moon has split” (54: 1). Those who did not believe in the Qur’an were not able to deny this Qur’anic declaration, and except for a few insignificant, unaccepted comments, it has not been interpreted in any way that suggests denials of this miracle were made. “


The splitting of the moon took place instantly at the time of sleep on a cloudy night, and at a time when the sky could not be observed as easily as today. It was shown to those who challenged the Prophet’s Prophethood in Makka as a miracle, and therefore was not meant for other people. Also, as is known, the moon does not rise at the same time throughout the world. So, although there might be some who witnessed it in the neighboring parts of the world, it was primarily seen by those in whose presence this miracle was worked. Moreover, the Qur’an mentions it, and this has not been challenged.


O brothers and sisters who are studying this book of mine! Please study the five ways discussed above in connection with the Prophethood of the noble Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, with an awakened mind, a broad view, and balanced insight. Consider them as if they were a circular wall from which one could observe that illustrious person’s Prophethood, or view them as if they were soldiers encircling the sovereign and dismiss any doubt that may arise in your mind.

Now, the subject of miracles is finished.

In conclusion, in answer to the question asked by some Japanese people, “What is the clear proof for the existence of the One to Whom you call us?”, I say: Here is Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, as a clear proof!”


The science of wisdom sent a questioner and interrogator to the government of creation and came across the advance troops of humankind, heading for the future, and asked them, “O children of humanity!  Where are you coming from? By whose command are you coming? What is your business here? What is your destination?” As the leader, guide, and spokesman of humankind, Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, gave the following answers to these questions:

Dear questioner! We are all the communities of existence and have been sent from the royal office of the Eternal Sovereign by His command as obedient officials. The One Who has made us wear this richly embroidered dress of existence and equipped us with these capacities as the capital of happiness is the Eternal Ruler, Who is the Necessarily Existent Being, and has all Attributes of perfection. We, the communities of humankind, are here in order to be able to earn the capital of eternal happiness. We will depart from this world at a time and place unknown to us and advance to the bodily Resurrection which is the realm of immortality.

O wisdom! Convey this to all without confusion exactly as you have been told!”

Everything happening within us is in such a miraculous way that wisdom questions what the Source of Existence of this universe is.  Primarily, everything concerns my reason of existence, what am I to do here, what is my destination?  These are the essential questions and the Prophet Muhammad gives answers to these.  Others say that we must be kind to people, but why?  No one seems to be giving me the reason of existence.  By whose command are you coming here and who is manipulating on your existence?  That is the main mission of the Prophethood, to give answers to this question.  The Prophets are the spokesman of mankind because they represent the human questions as human beings and present to human beings the answers they received from the Creator of human beings.

Some people think that they rebel the will of the Creator, but they cannot go out of the will of the Creator.  They may choose to reject the verbal requirements but as far as the existence is concerned, they have to obey the will of the Creator, no way out.

I expect to be happy in this universe but what I am experiencing here is unsustainable moments and decay.  If we limit our understanding of existence to this universe, then we cannot get out of the contradiction between the infinite human expectations and the limited happiness in this world.  That is what the Prophetic message conveys fundamentally.  This seems to be simple, but it is so real!  If one does not try to understand and confirm the Prophetic message, then s/he finds himself/herself in a trap with no way out.  “There must be such a being who is administering creation.”  Whoever must be administering this must have qualities of perfections.

We are all candidates for Eternal Happiness.  Our responsibility here is not to gain the highest speeding car, rather how can I gain this capital of Eternal Happiness?  Capital is the fundamental thing for me in everything i.e. I bother about the meaning of my existence.

  • The mission of the Prophet is to give answers to these questions so that I will be hopeful about my “natural” expectation for Eternal Happiness and I will be sure that there must be Eternal Happiness.

If the sense of Eternal Happiness is with me and there is no Eternal Happiness in this universe, but I have the desire for it, then where did I get this capacity from or learn this from? It is a common feeling to everyone. We find ourselves created with this desire, but we may try to suppress it by forcing ourselves to believe that death is the end of our existence so we must forget about this innate feeling. Which one is more “natural,” to feel the need for eternal happiness or to suppress this feeling, thus losing the hope for eternal happiness and denying it?

  • If I do not pay attention to the mission of the Prophet, then I attribute everything to the universe and results of accidents.
  • The ultimate question is: Where did the universe come from, what is its source of existence? Whatever is coming in the universe and within me must come from the same source.  That is the main mission of the Quran, introducing the Existence of a Necessarily Existent One to explain all the fundamental human questions.

We have to have the desire for Eternal Happiness accomplished and answer i.e. it is within me.  How can I have it?  Only if my life after death continues in another form.  As far as my consciousness (human side) is with me, then I will be given existence according to the new creation because I am made with this desire.  Convey this feeling to other human faculties.  All the messages the Quran brings to us addresses to wisdom.   In order to benefit from the teachings of the Prophet, we have to give wisdom its priority.  We must study the message of the messenger with wisdom.

Comment: Is wisdom referring to general reasoning?

Wisdom is your reasoning (rational) and thinking capacity.  Without reasoning you cannot benefit from the message of the Messenger or from the guidance of the Creator.  You must use your human qualities without abandoning them by forcing yourself that you should listen to what is within you.  Do not forget your spirit i.e. human qualities.

  • Hence use your reasoning and keep questioning your reality.

With this last note we reached the end of our series on the topic of Messengership.


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