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Arguments for Messengership – Part 51

Recap: We are establishing the reasons behind the institution of Prophethood– Why does the Source of Existence of this universe need to establish a continuous series of Prophets to bring down or convey a message from It?  We are currently studying the message of the Prophethood of Muhammad, a historical figure and establishing what traits and qualities did he have that were essential to the Prophethood of Muhammad and how can we prove that what he claimed could have been the message of the Creator of the universe?

The Quran speaks in such a way that everyone can understand, and it is open to any interpretation without contradicting the fundamental teachings of the whole Quran at every level of human capacity. It allows everyone to understand the purpose of their existence and the purpose of the existence of the universe.  We can benefit from the Quran as long as we remain within the purpose of the objectives of the Quran but open to interpretations of any epoch.  Human beings are developing their potentialities into abilities by discovering the layers of the order of the universe.  Nothing fundamentally changes when you discover the way that the universe works.  It is important to discover how the universe works because as we discover it, we satisfy our needs better.  Many secrets of the order of the universe have been discovered, yet, there is no way to get to the end of it.  The more we discover the secrets, the better we understand the qualities of its Maker.

It is up to human freewill to discover how much they are going to work on it.  Whatever they discover should not have any fundamental discrepancies from what has already been discovered before. When we hear some discrepancies between the researchers of the universe, they are nothing but the interpretations of the researchers, not the order itself. We only discover what is already existing in the universe. The objectives of the Speech of God are not the layers of the discoveries, rather how to utilize these new discoveries at every age.  Why are they created in the way that they are made? All of the Quran should be read with this principle.

Verse from chapter Rahman:Al- shamsu wa al- qamaru bihusbaan.” (The sun and the moon are with a precise calculation.) (55: 5)  Aligning the layers of capacities of human beings with the purposes of the Quran.  The sun and the moon are mathematically calculated, aren’t they?  Does it deviate from the purpose of the Quran as we discovered the calculation inherent in creation?  What is the purpose of the Quran?  To discover the Order-er of the mathematical order.  All planets act in a precise manner with measured mathematical calculations.

  • Again, the more you discover the details of the order, the better you discover the qualities of its Maker.

Human beings can discover the smallest particle of matter at the quanta level, but they will not be able to find the source of existence of the calculations of the order within the universe.  Calculations refer to Conscious Choice.  Calculation at every level cannot happen by itself.  Example: An apple tree grows, and can you calculate in how many years will it give fruits?  Yes, that is predicted through calculations which is provided within the order of the universe.  How do they know that the fetus in the mother’s womb will be born approximately in 9 months?  Again, calculations.  Can we predict when will moon rise as a crescent 10 years from now?  Yes.  What is not calculated here?  Do you know that the tree in front of you is a banana tree for example?  Yes.  But in order to answer the human question of what the source of existence of this banana tree is, we need to question all the means of calculation how they came into existence i.e. how the order of the universe together with all its elements came into existence needs a special source of information. See how the order is perfectly displayed.  Going back to the verse, see how the sun and moon is in perfect calculation.

So, we do not expect the Speech of God to let us know how the order is perfectly working.  What we expect from the Speech to let us know is guidance for human beings to get to know why they are here and how come they exist.  Is your existence an accident or a purposeful act of creation?  How can I define myself in this world, act accordingly, train my feelings and get answers to my questions accordingly?

Questions are humans and answers must be Divine as far as the purpose of one’s existence is concerned. Why are the answers divine? The Source of Existence cannot be found within the universe. How can human beings go out of the universe and examine the Divine Being? Of course, the Divine Being should help humans to make sure that this Divine Being certainly exists and the signs of Its Existence must be pointed out to human beings to make them feel secure in their conclusions.

Quran always points to the purpose of the existence of human beings.  Example: first verse in the Quran, “Bismillah”.   It means that everything comes into existence as declaring that I am brought into existence and the authority of my existence does not belong to me but the one who created the universe. 

Similarly, “Alhamdulillahi Rabbilalameen” (Qur’an, 1: 2.)  It means all kind of praise belongs to God and this is the Owner or care taker of the universe. In other words, the universe belongs to Him and everything at every moment praises the Creator of the universe who is called God.  Is there anything that does not declare the quality of its source of existence?  Yes, some human beings may not declare this because we have freewill.  However, logically that does not make sense.  How can I sustain my own existence?

Each being in the universe, as it is declared in the Quran, demonstrates that everything is a sign, ayah, reminding me that everything can come into existence only under the Will of a Creator.  That is, there is nothing else in creation that goes against the Will of the Creator, except the free-choice of human beings that may abuse this purpose. Although free choice may claim that it is not accepting that it is created but the body of that person still witnesses that its existence is only possible with the Will of a Creator.  Still, while I am not obeying the order of the universe verbally, action-wise I am.  Example: there is an eraser in my hand, and I am free to roll it on the chair.  The order is always there.  That is, as far as the order of existence is concerned, human beings cannot physically disobey the order/Will of the Order-er.  Can you a kill a creature without obeying the Will of the Creator i.e. at your own will?  You can also choose to help someone to kill a creature.  Still, while you are helping, you are following the order.  What human beings do is that we intellectually deny the Will of the Creator but physically follow it.

  • No one can physically deny something since the fact is there. Just as denying is also in existence as an option.
  • No one can give existence to anything at his/her own will. Even psychological advices helping human beings utilize their freewill is within the order.

Comment: Every intention that I wish to be effective is an appeal to the Order-er (Source of my Existence) whether I realize it or not.

Human beings can make progress in scientific discoveries by following the order.  If someone goes to the lab and randomly mixes chemicals, can s/he achieve something?  No.  Everything is given existence by its Source of Existence.

Comment: Through trial and error, I can reach the order.

Yes, as long as the order fits your expectations. Ultimately, it is a conscious being Who decides what the order should be.  In order to find better ways to cure human illnesses, companies employ experts to find out new discoveries.  What are we doing in the lab?  Just trying to find out what is already there. Order already exists; the experts try to find out what is best within the conditions of the already existing order. Without an already existing order, no-one can know what is best in order to continue the existence of something which fits best to this order. However, no one can get out of the universe unless It wills. “No one can get out of my property unless I will.”  Quran (55:33)

  • We cannot go beyond the limits of this universe without authority (death).
  • This universe is a prison for human beings, and we cannot act as we want i.e. without authority.

The universe is circular, and you cannot go out of the universe in a straight line i.e. beyond the order of the universe.  That is, you cannot comprehend or experience anything beyond the capacity of the universe and so you have to make your experiences within the universe only. These experiences demonstrate to you that the Source of Existence of this universe is not within the universe, rather outside as It is not bound to the capacity of the universe.

This means that you cannot go beyond the order of the universe.  Only the One that creates the universe and you within it can take you out, like human beings are brought into this world by the Creator as it is in the case of birth, and they are taken away again by the Will of the Creator as it is in the case of death.  That is Its will, not yours.  This is our reality!  All our desires are also to be followed within the bounds of this universe.  In this way we are free to choose within the order.   I cannot do anything by not obeying the order of the universe (i.e. all our choices are nothing but praying to the Order-er of the universe).

Comment: Scripture does not teach you the order in the universe, rather, it teaches you to acknowledge what the order points to.

Everyone knows that no one can get out of the universe.  However, you appreciate the Order-er better when you know the order better.  That is the purpose of the Quran.  Example: khalaqa s-samawat e wa-l ard.  “He created the earth and the sky.”  The purpose of the Quran here is to teach the reader that whatever you understand from the heavens/earth, the Creator of it is the One speaking to you right now.  It means go honor the Creator of the universe now!  khalaqa means Only He creates.  In other words, whatever you discover in the celestial bodies, He creates.

Levels of understanding of the order of the universe help people develop their comprehension of the Source of Existence but the purpose in discovering is the same i.e. what is It doing?

Comment: Is the order already created and I am operating on it?

The order is continuously renewed within an order.  This means that the order is continuously being given existence.  The order is constant.

Every kind of people can benefit from the teachings of the scripture.  BECAUSE the conclusion is always the same.  Example: the fruit is given existence through an order.

The order of the universe is constantly renewed but, in its renovation/renewal it changes but orderliness never changes.  Example: what happens today and what will happen in 2050, the moon will be up there.  Although, the position of the moon is different now, but it is changing according to the order. It means that the order is not static.  Change also is taking place within an order.

  • Any order requires a conscious change behind it.

The order of the universe is such that everything is in constant change.  This change taking place is the constant.  Hence, the One that is giving existence to things should be the Self-existing, Self-Sustaining agent and must be constant. since everything in the universe is dynamic.

Some people say that the order is as we see it, but the change is taking place either within a static order or accidentally.  If accidentally, does it fit itself by trial and error?  Both sides ignore that the universe is subject to change, but this change happens within an order.  There is no disorderliness in the universe either space wise or time wise. Can accident establish an order which did not already exist? Or, if there is an already existing order, the elements of the universe are constantly given existence within a new order? We should never forget that the change in time is also existing within a slightly different, thus renewed order.

In fact, there is no change, rather a continuum in the existence of the universe.  I may experience moments as dots, but the universe is a constant continuum which demonstrates that its Source of Existence is infinite.  If human beings could find out the interval between two dots (as there being gaps), then that would be evidence that somehow the Creator of the universe is not Absolute. There are no gaps but a continuum which shows that the Creator of the universe must be Absolute. Human beings cannot define the lines without attributing it to the sequences of dots.  Within the universe, we cannot imagine an infinite, but the existence of the universe is taking place with an infinite form.  That is why, we cannot claim that the universe is a sequence of dots.  We can only simplify it (in order to understand) by saying that every time what we observe is a different/new universe, but the existence of the universe is continuum i.e. indivisible.  This experiencing indivisibility of the existence of the universe here is a sign to a Source not of the nature of this universe. The universe exists in such a way that, in fact, we can never study one particle of the universe without considering it within the content of the whole universe. Hence, the Creator must be Absolute, and It must be self-Subsistent.  Mathematically speaking, what is the space between 0 and 1?  It is infinity, meaning that I cannot calculate.  This shows that the Source must be Absolute.  When a mathematician cannot count a number, they say it is infinite.  However, that does not mean that within the universe, there is infinite.  Within the capacity of human beings, what we cannot grasp, we call infinite.  The universe is a sign to an infinite Being as its Source, but within the universe, everything is given existence by an Absolute Source.  Why?  Because within the universe, we cannot separate one thing from the rest of the universe, they are organized in a perfect indivisible order. We conclude that whatever gave existence to a particle must be the One Who gave existence to the entire universe at the same time and constantly changing without ever falling into disorderliness. As far as our human capacity is concerned, we cannot get to the end of anything both at the macro and micro level.  That is, we cannot get to the end of anything in the universe, nor the beginning.  We cannot imagine nonexistence of neither time nor space. We cannot even imagine the end of the universe because at the end of the universe nonexistence starts, which is impossible for human capacity to imagine. Even giving a time beginning to the universe let’s say 0.1 second, is my calculation.  Tomorrow, it may be 0.001 second and it keeps continuing but never getting to an end.

That is why, no one can get out of the universe unless death is given.  My body stays here but the spirit is not subject to the rules of this type of existence.

Comment: What is static within the universe?

Nothing here is static.  Orderliness here is constant.  That is, Consciousness behind the order of the universe does not stop.  In other words, the Source of Existence of this universe must be constant i.e. Absolute.

Every moment, the same apple tree is not the same because there is a new universe being presented.  The way the universe exists, refers to Absoluteness of its Source.  I can define the order only within my capacity, but my capacity is aware that I cannot get to the end of the universe.

In quantum physics, it is claimed that quanta appear and disappear from our sight.  This means that it is momentarily changing which is how the human experiences.  In fact, there is a continuum of appearance, I see quanta appearing and then disappearing which does not mean that it does not exist at that time. When the physicist try to demonstrate the existence of matter by itself, rather than its existence is dependent on the Source of Existence of the universe, they fail. The matter is given existence in such a way that it cannot sustain its existence by itself. That must be the reason for quantum physicist to claim that the quanta appear and disappear at the same time because of the inability of the human being to observe the constant continuum in the creation, they have to examine the space and time at the same time, which is not possible for a created human being to encompass the universe in its entirety. That is another sign to the Absoluteness of the Creator of the universe.

  • By definition, in the existence of the universe, there is a constant continuum.

It is not that people will not be able to prove the existence of a quanta, rather it is our lack of capacity to see the constant existence.

Belief in God: My existence is praising my Creator.
Disbelief in God: My discoveries are praising me. (Attention: these people are becoming aware of an already existing thing/order, but they falsely claim that it is their own invention, rather than discovery.

You must use freewill to choose either one of the attitudes above.  Do your capacities belong to you or a given existence by the One that creates the universe?  There is no in between, otherwise you end up as:

  • Part-time believer: My existence belongs to the Source of my Existence, but this is my success.

It is easy to conclude God but to not fall into disbelief is challenging and needs work for us.  Quran speaks in such a way that everyone can benefit at their level and epoch.  We can benefit from the content of the Quran as much as we develop our potentialities into abilities by discovering the order in creation.  We should not base our understanding of the nature of the Quran just on scientific discoveries because our perception of creation is limited with our developed capacity and our capacity always develops (scientific discovery may change, and science may go reverse).  We cannot establish our argument on something which depends on human capacity.

  • We should see every act of creation pointing to an Absolute Being where everyone benefits from the Quran according to his/her own capacity. Human being develops and Quran answers questions accordingly.

The Reasonings (Page 143)-

“As for the third objection, which is not being able to see the apparent meanings of some Qur’anic statements as being in congruity with some rational or observable realities, after first consulting the First Premise, you should consider this: The four basic purposes of the Qur’an are establishing in the mind God’s existence and Oneness, the Prophethood, the bodily Resurrection, and justice and worship. Therefore, the Qur’an refers to the facts of creation, which are the subject matter of physical sciences and can only be known through scientific study, parenthetically for the sake of its basic purposes. While mentioning the facts observable by everyone in every age clearly, it refers to others allusively and in broad terms, leaving their clarification to scientific studies over time and encouraging humankind to study them.”

Example: The sun rotates and moves to a certain destination.  Yes, that is very obvious.  Back in the days, people understood it as such because they thought that the earth is flat.  Although, scientifically wrong but with the new understanding and old understanding, the creation of the movement of the sun and earth demonstrates/establishes that:

  1. God is Absolute.
  2. The one who brought this message is employed by Him.
  3. This is a limited existence and you want a permanent existence (bodily resurrection).
  4. You must acknowledge your Source of Existence and the Source of Existence of everything and treat everything with justice i.e. give due right to everything. Example: fruit is saying I am created by the Creator of the universe, so acknowledge such.

Every movement of the sun confirms the purpose of the Quran.  Sun moves to a destination—Quran mentions the fact, but this is observable by everyone at every age differently and clearly, hence no one can deny the movement of the sun.  When you study more, then you will understand that the earth rotates around the sun…  Scientific studies must continue and cannot contradict anything that the Quran says but confirms it better. 

  • Scientific discoveries are nothing but discovering the order in creation using human freewill.

Finally, let us finalize with the following example.

Example: when you pick an apple from the tree, it may seem that that is the order in existence.  Yes, but the order is continuously brought about into existence.  Think of this universe like a moving escalator.  You are free to go to the next step or the previous step at your own pace.  Moving from one point to another is your particular experience which is subject to change and brought into existence.  What we need to notice here is that the escalator is always in motion.  Hence, nothing is static here, but the existence of the escalator is constant, hence static but in motion.

Also, each action that we undertake is an appeal, a request to the One that brings about the order in the universe.  “Bismillah” in Arabic means in the name of its Lord.  That is, every moment is “bismillah” for the conscious human being.  There seems to be no end to how the order of the universe develops.  Everything here acts with perfect determined calculations.  All one is left to do is admire the Owner of this universe declaring: “God is Great!”


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