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Are you a dreamer?!

Do dreams come true?
Dreams don’t always come true in this life.

How can they anyways?
What you dream of is not of the nature of this universe.

You dream of a beautiful garden where you are hanging out with flowers and butterflies.
Do you want that set up to come to an end?
Alas that experience comes to an end here and now when you come out of the dream.

You can spend a whole day at a garden which will eventually come to an end by nightfall.
But life in the dream looks eternal although sometimes in it you know it will come to an end.

Life in the dream seems so real and pleasant with full of emotions that you do not want it to end.
Life in this world also seems that way sometimes where you don’t want your life to be over swiftly.

What kind of experiences are these?
More so, what type of a reality is a dream?

I dreamt of you that is for sure.
What does it mean?
Did you also dream of me?

What are we interacting with in a dream?
What part of me is interacting with you?

Who is communicating with me in my dream?
What is bringing this dream into existence?

How come I am aware in the dream?
Which part of me is awake?

What is arranging this up close and personal dream for me to watch and experience?
A Conscious will that I cannot perceive within the realm of this type of existence.

What should I believe in and what am I?
A dreamer or a part-time believer!?


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