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Chapter Qamar – Part 5


In the narrations mentioned in the scriptures, only the rejecters are warned, and the consequence of the rejection will be experienced in their life, in a spiritual, psychological, and physical sense. The Quran uses physical examples to symbolize the spiritual side of the matter, otherwise not everyone can understand the symbolic language mentioned in the Quran.


54:15 “We left it as a sign, who then is willing to take it to heart?”


What happens in our life if we do not do the right things? We suffer the consequences, plain and simple. Although our nature knows that a certain attitude/behavior/doing does not fit my human nature, why do I still do it? I have mostly conditioned myself that I want something to be this way, even if it goes against my human nature. As a result, we suffer from the consequences. The signs are all within us.  Similarly, we are created with memory, and if I have a bad experience with something, I still remember it and it does not go away for it remains with us. Again, these are signs pointing to something, the need for an eternal perfect life and experiences.


We are not struggling with the problems of this world, rather the “meaninglessness”of these problems troubles us. If we do not know why something is happening to us, then the meaninglessness in that experience hurts us. If one keeps saying that there is no purpose in life and we are going to fall into non-existence, then why should s/he bother with anything? I know that such a worldview makes our life turn into meaninglessness, which is the worst thing to experience. Example: if I wanted to have something, and I don’t have it, then I can take two attitudes. First, if I understand that it was good not to have it, then great, I am happy, because not getting it has a meaning for me. Second, going crazy over why I don’t have it. Not having it is the same event, but the attitude that I take determines the consequence of such experience.


It is interesting how the Quran mentions that the Creator is ever Merciful and Forgiving after the consequence of each calamity. Example:If the doctor tells me that I need to keep my muscles active, then there is a purpose now that I need to work out my muscles. I enjoy working out at the gym.  At the same time, I can be doing the same thing under the force of a person in my understanding which has no benefit for me, then I feel tortured and keep complaining about it.


There are always two aspects and consequences to any event. That is, I either get pain or pleasure from experiencing something. If I deny the truth for example, then I experience pain emotionally, and from the aspect of denial, I will receive more pain intellectually, and psychologically I will be disturbed. The Prophetic examples mentioned in the Quran represents this reality and every Prophet is mentioned in the Quran as one aspect of human nature, problems of human beings.  When the Quran mentions the punishment of the rejectors of those Prophets, it must be interpreted within my human attitude/behavior right now.


Every experience is a sign for us to be in conscious recognition of our reality. If the routine of something that I am accustomed to is broken, then it teaches me that it does not have to happen that way. Example: If I receive a ready dinner every day and if I think that there is no reason for the dinner to be ready for me every evening, then I am conditioning myself to the idea that things should be as I expect. Let’s say, one day if I find that the dinner is not ready for me, then I get upset and start complaining and feeling the pain of not having the ready dinner. This is to remind us that we should not take the order of the universe for granted.  The purpose of having a ready dinner is to appreciate it, I must understand that it is deliberately prepared for us. Nothing in the world must happen as it is. If the one who prepares the dinner deliberately does not prepare it for me one day in order to remind me that the dinner does not get ready by itself and it does not have to be in this way, then it is just to educate me of what my reality in this universe is.


  • There is no reason why the Earth should revolve in a way that I should not be disturbed. The order of the revolving of the Earth is deliberately created to act in the way that it does.



Nothing in the world necessitates that the order comes into existence in a way that I expect to. If I take a negative attitude, then I will feel it in my being because any gesture established by a conscious being is done so to let human beings know who their Creator is and respond to this Creator, so that we can fulfill the purpose of our existence. 


Disasters are not the problem, if we think that something is an accidental happening, then we say that I was unlucky, rather, everything is the result of a conscious choice. Everyone is given the opportunity to experience life in a positive way, however, sometimes a warning comes as a negative event, where we are shaken, letting us know that someone operates over us.  Something happens within the order, and I did not expect it to happen.  


Everything is prepared consciously, and someone has been doing me a favor all these years. For one day, if something does not happen, it teaches me that it does not have to happen as I will.  Think about this seriously: Things don’t happen by themselves. The Prophetic messages tell us that “everything is favorable for you, acknowledge that it is prepared by a conscious being, acknowledge it and be grateful. Don’t say that it is happening by itself!”. 


54:16 “And how severe is the suffering which I inflict when My warnings are discouraged.”

Example: Some people suffer from nourishment in this world, do you think that it happens without the knowledge of an Absolute Powerful One? Again, everything is a sign for me to realize who the Source of Existence of Nourishment is.


Sincerity requires full submission to the truth. The consequences of our choice don’t manifest clearly and right away. Human beings may try to suppress their feelings, but its consequence is felt in the long term.


54: 17 “We have made it easy to learn lessons from the Quran, who, then, are willing to take it to heart.”

Go back and consult your own thoughts without conditioning yourself.


54: 18 “The people of ‘Ad also rejected the truth. Then, how severe was the suffering which I inflicted when My warnings were disregarded.”


The universe does not have to be as it is and it is under the control of a conscious being. What I experience is how the order of the universe is set. That is, if I choose to interpret that these events are happening accidentally I have to experience meaninglessness, then I experience pain.If I choose to confirm that the universe has been established by a Conscious Being and whatever He creates is to teach me what I need to learn, then I shall be happy whatever is created in this world , according to me good or bad, as well as eternal happiness in the next creation for I have fulfilled to purpose of my existence, which is to acknowledge who I am and who my Creator is.


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